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link.png Parte l'Italian Baja ed arriva la Mini

All'ultimo momento arriva a Pordenone anche la Mini All 4 Racing ed è quella di Krzysztof Holowczyc, uscito di scena alla Dakar 2013 con un incidente e con tanta voglia di riscatto ora, per questa stagione. La notizia appunto della sua presenza regala ancora un pizzico di 'energia' alla gara, prima dell'anno per la Coppa del Mondo Rallies Tout Terrain che prenderà il via oggi pomeriggio con la Super Speciale.

 Holowczyc to race the Baja Italy together with Andreas Schulz.

With his accident in the 2013 Dakar Rally, Krzysztof Holowczyc shocked the entire Monster Energy X-raid Team massively. But now, some two months later, the Pole is back behind the wheel of a MINI ALL4 Racing. Together with German co-driver Andreas Schulz he will start at the Baja Italy (15th to 17th March, 2013). For Holowczyc, the three day event with its approximately 350 special-stage kilometres represents a perfect opportunity for making his comeback in the cross-country rally sport, following his successful rehab.

Three questions put to Krzysztof Holowczyc

 It’s just great that you will be back in the MINI ALL4 Racing such a short time after your accident. What was the reason for the short-notice decision to contest the Baja Italy?

My unfortunate accident made an end to my dreams of battling it out for a podium position. I raced a perfect car, was in great shape and really self-confident. But one short moment forced me into retirement.
Following a short check-up my doc now told me that I’m okay again. Furthermore, I’m close to having completed my rehab. Being back in the sport is extremely important for me, particularly for my mental recovery. Therefore, I opted for contesting the rally held on this weekend and am looking forward to go for it in the Baja Italy.

 How did the rehab go?

From my former experiences I know that this rehab went far quicker than a previous one. Maybe because the fighting spirit of my body is that strong or because my body is younger than it says in my passport. I always tried to work as hard as possible to recover completely and as fast as possible. And during all my rehab exercises my heart always was behind the wheel of my MINI and my thoughts were out there on the tracks. I tried to give my very best to make it back into the cockpit as fast as possible.”

What are your goals for the season?

My main goal is to conquer the desert in the 2014 Dakar Rally. I want to demonstrate my skills and take the vehicle to the podium. But before trying to do so, I also want to race several other events. I will use them as tests for me and the 2014 Dakar – a rally I just can’t wait for.