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Gli organizzatoriLa prima sorpresa della presentazione del percorso sta nella città di arrivo. Non più Sochi, (forse perchè le Olimpiadi invernali del 2014 sono ormai prossime) ma Astrakan. Dal 6 al 13 luglio la quinta edizione del Silk Way Rally partirà da Mosca, dalla piazza Rossa per la precisione, per concludersi dopo sette tappe e circa 3000 chilometri di prove speciali.

Presentata a Mosca la nuova edizione della gara organizzata da Semen Yakubov presenta parecchie novità, soprattutto sul percorso, nonchè nell'accordo stipulato con Eurosport che seguirà la corsa e soprattutto la trasmetterà in 59 Paesi al mondo. Qui di seguito il comunicato relativo alla presentazione:

Announced in Moscow at the Interfax press agency on February 28, the route of the 2013 SILK WAY rally-raid promises an exhilarating week with 7 stages and 3000KM of specials! The competitors will start their 4000KM adventure in Moscow and finish at Astrakhan along the shores of the Caspian Sea. The steppes, tracks and dunes make up the majority of what the organisers want to be a demanding route. Semen Yakubov, Rally Director: «More than 70% of the course is brand new the Kalmoukie and Astrakhan regions will offer stunning scenery and more importantly a tremendous route for our rally-raid. There is much excitement for the rally and we will do our best to deliver an unforgettable edition to the participants.”  Frédéric LEQUIEN, Deputy Rally Director: «It is a balanced and fast route with nice tracks, sand and dunes which will put an emphasis on sport. There is very little liaison and a very high number of special stage kilometres. It is a route that the drivers and navigators will experience a maximum amount of pleasure. “  

The organizers have also announced today that they had signed the agreement with the pan-European group Eurosport.  Therefore, close to 200 million households in 59 countries will benefit from the images of the 4th edition of the Silk Way Rally.

In addition, a partnership was signed for international broadcasting of the race images, with the events entity Eurosport Events, among others promoter and organizer of the international championships of Intercontinental Rally Challenge (IRC) and World Touring Car Championship (WTCC).

Eco alcune interviste realizzate con alcuni piloti, a cominciare da Jean Louis Schlesser.

Some reactions of drivers:

Jean Louis Schlesser, Winner of the 2013 Africa Eco Race

“I have fond memories of last year’s rally despite my accident. The public and organisers welcomed me with openschles arms. I can’t wait to return to the Silk Way. It is a proper rally-raid; atmosphere is warm and friendly like on Africa Race, the likes of which we don’t see much anymore. My ambition? I am coming to win, but it will be hard…I know the competition will be rude.” 

Guerlain Chicherit, driver SMG, 8th 2013 DAKAR

I have heard so much about this rally! I can’t wait to go and we are preparing to battle for victory! I want to discover Russia, and it doesn’t get much better than having the podium in the middle of Red Square. It is also important for my sponsors. There is a large media presence. They say there will be around 3000kms of special stage and very little liaison, which is ideal for improving.”

Boris Gadasin, winner of the 2012 Silk Way Rally

“Silk Way Rally is completely special for me, among other races. This is the only competition in Russia which reaches the level of Dakar and I wish to organizers of this great race to never stop! I will try to defend my tittle but I know best teams will be there, it will be a big fight”

Ayrat Maardev, Winner truck category of the 2012 Silk Way Rally

“This is an amazing rally! There is always an interesting route, good for trucks, and some strong competitors, sand is difficult and require good skill! The navigator and the driver have to be well prepared. After each Silk Way, I have lots of positive emotions”

Le date da ricordare sono : 2013 SILK WAY RALLY

01/03 - 01/05: reduced entry fee registration period (2 months)  (iscrizione a costi ridotti)

31/05: registration deadline (chiusura delle iscrizioni)

4/07 -5/07: administrative and technical verifications (verifiche tecniche ed amministrative)

6/07- Start ceremony at Red Square in Moscow (cerimonia della partenza)

6/07 to 13/07: 7 days of competition, around 3000 km of special stage. Only 1000 km of liaison

13/07– Finish ceremony in Astrakhan