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01/09/1973 KINSHASA (GRC)


The biker
Date of birth: 01/09/1973 in Kinshasa, Congo
Job: works in trade
Family situation: married, 3 children
Height/weight: 1.68 m / 72kg
Hobbies: bikes, football, all ball sports
Past on the Dakar
2012: Ab. Stage 5
Other rallies:
2010 Tunisia Rally
Town: Kinshasa, Congo
Tel/Port: 999942714
E-mail: karathanassistheo@yahoo.fr
Languages spoken: French, Greek, English, Lingala
The bike
Marque: Yamaha
Modèle : WR 450
Preparator: JVO Racing
Catégorie : Super Production
Assistance: JVO Racing