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Data di nascita Età

18/12/1950 MARBURG (DEU)


The Co-Driver
Job: Founder and Director of HS – Hamburger Software, GmbH & Co. KG, Vice President of the
Chamber of Commerce in Hamburg
Family situation: single, 3 children
Height/weight: 1,83 m / 92 kg
Hobbies: Art furniture collector
Sponsors: HS – Hamburger Software GmbH & Co. KG
Dakar record
2013: 13rd
2012: Ab. Stage 2
2011: 10th (best buggy)
2010: 18th
2009: 15th
2006: Ab.
Other races
Silk Way Rally 2012 (7th), Silk Way Rally 2010 (4th), Transorientale, UAE Desert Challenge.
The car
Brand: SAM-Mercedes
Model: 30D CC
Prepared by: SAM - Sächsische Automobil Manufaktur
Engine: Mercedes, V6 single turbo, Diesel, 3,000 cc
Power: ca. 300 bhp / ca. 700 Nm torque
Weight: 1,900 kg
Assistance: 1 x Fast Assistance (Behringer/Kupper/Karg, MAN prototype)
2 x Regular Assistance
Class: T1.2 (4x4 Diesel Prototype)