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Data di nascita Età

17/10/1972 (BRA)



The driver
Job: Professional driver
Family situation: married, 1 child
Height/Weight: 1,75 m / 80kg
Hobbies: bikes, karting, squash, football,
cinema, family
Website: http://www.mitracing.com.br/
Sponsors: Mitsubishi, BTG Pactual,
Petrobras, Uracer
Dakar record
2013: Ab. Stage 9
2012: Ab. Stage 5
2011: 9th
2010: 10th
2009: Ab. Stage 6
Other races
2012: Rallye du Maroc (3rd)
2012 Rally Dos Sertoes (2nd)
4-time Rally Dos Sertoes winner (2003, 2004,
2010, 2011; 2nd in 2012)
The car
Brand: Mitsubishi
Model: ASX Racing
Preparator: Thierry Viardot - Vaison sport
Engine: V8 4.7L
Power: 300 CV
Weight: 1975kg
Assistance: Mitsubishi Brazil
Class: T1.1 essence