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2021 FIM World championship Cross Country Calendar

The FIM, the Portuguese Motorcycling Federation (FMP), the Automotorsport Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan (AMFK), the Motorcycle Federation of Russia (MFR), Brazilian Motorcycle Confederation (CBM), the Fédération Royale Marocaine de Motocyclisme (FRMM) and the Emirates Motorsports Organization (EMSO) and local organisers are pleased to reveal the 2021 FIM Cross-Country Rallies World Championship & World Cups provisional calendar.

/ Scoring Coefficients: •A FIM Rally (4 to 6 timed stages) will have a scoring coefficient of 1. •A FIM Marathon Rally (more than 6 timed stages) will have a scoring coefficient of 1,5. The result will be multiplied by 1.5 and then rounded up.

FIM World Championship: •FIM Cross-Country Rallies World Championship

•Category 1: RallyGP – Group 1: Moto-Rally, for riders and manufacturers. Moto-Rally: Production/Prototypes Motorcycles.

FIM Prizes:

•FIM Cross-Country Rallies World Cup

•Category 1: RallyGP – Class 1: Women, for riders •Category 1: RallyGP – Class 2: Junior, for riders •Category 2: Rally2 – Group 1: Moto-Rally •Category 2: Rally2 – Group 2: Moto-Enduro •Category 2: Rally2 – Group 3: Quads •Category 3: SSV – for Driver and Co-Driver

•FIM Cross-Country Rallies Adventure Trophy (zero assistance)

•Category 2: Rally2 – Group 1 (Moto-Rally) and Group 3 (Quads)

•FIM Cross- Country Veteran’s Trophy

•Category 1: RallyGP - Class 3: Veteran Riders


•Category 1: RallyGP (for experienced riders only)

•Riders must be holder of a RallyGP Licence (to be approved by the CRT Bureau) •Longer stages (between 300 and 600 km). Refuelling every 250km. •Riders must be classified at the end of the Event in order to obtain FIM Points. •One Sporting Penalty; if more than one Sporting Penalty  Outside of the FIM Classification •The final classification of the FIM Cross-Country Rallies World Championship, FIM Cross-Country Rallies World Cups (Women and Junior) and the FIM Cross-Country Rallies Veterans Trophy will be established on the basis of the four best results in the FIM Cross-Country Rally series, including at least one Marathon Rally.

•Category 2: Rally2 and Category 3: SSV

•Riders must be holder of a Rally2 Licence •Stages No longer than 300km (if applicable). •Refuelling every 250km for Group 1: Moto-Rally, Group 3: Quads and SSV. •Refuelling every 125km for Group 2: Moto-Enduro •Limited Maximum Speed: 130km/h •Riders must be classified at the end of the Event in order to obtain FIM Points. •To obtain FIM points, a rider must not have more than 25% SP from the total number of Selective Sections of the Rally, rounded up; if more than 25%  Outside of the FIM Classification. •For the other FIM Prizes, the final ranking will be made taking into account the events (maximum 4 events) eligible for the groups, categories and classes concerned.


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